Cure is worse than the disease?

Girl Normal has a very entertaining and spot-on criticism post this week about Big Pharma, complete with witty satirical images. Here is a snippet:

“I know I’m not the first to discuss this particular quirk of our modern society…but I think I might be the first to address it via cute cuddly snowball people. Have you ever been sitting, watching TV, and one of those glossy happy-people drug commercials comes on? Do you find yourself strangely attracted and repulsed at the same time? Here’s what I’ve noticed about these particular commercials:”

  • 1. You’re never really sure what the drug is or what it does.
  • 2. You’re pretty sure that the people in the commercial have better lives than you despite having some terrible disorder.
  • 3. You’re almost pretty sure that whatever the disease is, it’s probably not as bad as the side effects of the drug in question.
  • 4. But the people in the commercial look so happy, that you’re not really sure of anything anymore.

Very brave to so boldly mock Big Pharma in an era when, anytime someone criticizes meds they are angrily written off as $cient0l0gists. Go read the rest over at Girl Normal’s blog.

This is similar to, and far more artsy than, a pharma critical post I did a year ago on another site. I’ll try to find it and post again here. It generated incoming crawls from Big Pharma product image management companies nearly instantly the first time I posted it.


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