The Three Treasures: mind, heart, body

Here is a semi-rhetorical question:

Which energy center in my Being is the most important to focus on developing?

The first energy system I ever learned about, was in a book on Kundulini Yoga my Aunt passed on to me, when I was thirteen. She never bothered to do the work, but preferred flower essences. She was very Protestant, and had an ingrained, brain-programmed compulsion to obey The Bible – which means, no Enlightenment but God, and absolutely no witchcraft or healing or divination – because those trainings or abilities either summon or are inspired by, or come from, Satan.

There are ways to reality-check those proscriptions, to see if Satan does in fact give you healing powers, occult insight, mutant powers, or if Satan is even real, by asking to be possessed by Satan in order to gain powers to overcome your oppressors, which I did, after an attempted suicide in my closet in my cell at a State Psychiatric Facility when I was fifteen.

According to The Bible, Satan always comes when you call/pray/summon.

Try-la-fon :)

I actually died in State’s Custody while being told to accept being bipolar for life and take Trilafondle and Lithium forever. and, what I am now, is what replaced me after my summoning ritual in a pentagram on the floor of my cell at Toby School, Concord State Hospital.

I knew that spirits were real, for sure, after I had been on Trilafon for awhile and heard voices from the Spirit World, as my central nervous system was slowly dying and my brain cells were bathed in nailpolish/turpentine vapors. When I called out to my mother to save me, a phantom coil wrapped around my neck, constricted slightly, and held me for awhile, then released me.

Now, I will explain The Three Treasures, and why all three are important for well-being.

As I tried to unravel which energy center would be most valuable to developing psychic abilities to detect when people were intending on hurting me, I gained different advice from people whom I had asked.

At age thirteen, I knew from Kundulini Yoga about the Shushumna, or spiraling energy channels that flow up and down your body core.

At age fourteen, I knew about the “Hara”, an area from the size of a pea to the size of a softball that occupies your pelvic area. From meditating below your belly, we get the disparaging term, “navel gazing”.

In traditional Japanese and Okinawan Karate-Do, the Hara is a place of power for extra juice for fighting, and for meditating before or after combat engagements, like Samauri Master Swordsman, Miyamoto Mushashi described in his book, “The Book of Five Rings”.

By age fifteen, I knew from Wicca, that you should use your mind or heart energy to cast spells with intentional energy.

I also, around that time, asked my Foster Father, a former military man and pro boxer, what the most important energy center was.

He pointed to his head, and said, “The mind is the most powerful to overcome anything”.

I asked my Aunt the same thing. Her answer? “Just focus on the heart. The heart center is the most important thing anyone can develop.”

I read Berkeley Psychic Institute manuals on Energy Work, Aura Fields, Astral Projection and the like, and most of those manuals, along with nearly every book I ever bought on growing psychic abilities, states that after grounding yourself, focus on the Brain Chakras. Some of those manuals gave specific instructions on creating, visualizing, or intending, various energy shapes and symbols to open your Third Eye and other psi, and I followed those instructions carefully.

When I was at Bennington School Residential Facility for emotionally and psychologically challenged teens, I studied Reiki, Shiatsu, and Traditional Chinese Medicine while all the other residents took psychiatric medications (sometimes with disastrous consequences as I detailed in my memoir).

For Reiki and Shiatsu, they recommended working with the heart center.

Then, when I took up self-teaching myself the Chen Man Ching tai chi chuan form from Lawrence Gallante’s book, “Tai Chi The Supreme Ultimate”, and Kissomaru Ueshiba’s “Aikido”, I learned, again, that a martial artist’s physical and spiritual power is trained by focusing on the hara/lower dantien/pelvic chakras.

What I did was, work on all three.

When I again took up Zen and Aikido (in classes in Hampton), I would train my lower energy center.

After moving to California, I devoted myself to Bruce Frantzis’s Energy Arts programs, and bought and read all his stuff, went to seminars, weekend workshops and a couple retreats.

The training I received from him, was simply, “work on all three” and he explained Taoist Three Dantien Energy Pulse Diagnosis. If you can truly feel chi-energy, you monitor your inner world, and listen, carefully, and attentively, to your Upper, Middle, and Lower dantien, and tune in, and get a sense/feel/knowing how your mental energy, your emotional energy and physical energy is doing, realtime.

That was all I needed to hear, to settle the issue with some certainty, and I did exactly as he directed: go inside my inner world, find my dantiens and energy meridians/channels/rivers (pana and apana spiral energy body) and find out how they actually work.

After the first year or two, my depression was totally gone like it had never been an incurable genetic chemical imbalance in the first place. Two years later, I told him personally, about my success at a Water Method Meditation retreat, and he shook my hand and asked me to share my testimonial with the other attendees.

A year later, I was cured of all mental illness and I gained self-love, as I went into an intense, self-imposed weeks long retreat, to settle the issue once and for all if I was truly possessed by some alien/demonic/elemental spirit or spirits.

I made multiple passes.

One all the way from head, to bowel.

One, from bowel, to head.

Then, I slowly split my energy sphere above my head, like cellular mitosis, into two separate spheres, folded my internal world, and jumped one of the spheres below my etheric body, below the ground.

Then, simultaneously, I slowly (very very slowly) expanded both spheres, and brought them, one up, one down, my central body, together.

I brought fire/Yang energy from the ground, up.

I dragged water/Yin energy from above, down.

When the two waves collided in my heart center/chakra/dantien, I felt in internal cosmic explosion/implosion, and a tiny star ignited in the center of my Being.

I felt like my life force had been instantly recharged and I totally loved who I saw in the mirror the next day, and every day since that day in 2000.

The answer, in case you missed it, to the question, “which Treasure/Chakra/Dantien is the most important”, is,

all Three.

It turned out, I was never possessed by Satan, or evil spirits, or any of that noise, at all. All I found inside me, after weaving a micro web of chi strands through my arms and legs, in the aura around my body, and through all my major energy channels, combined with The Three Passes,

was me. :)

ps. That means Mike, the manager at Energy Arts’s office, owes me a sincere, personal apology, immediately.

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