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Hypercompression: my meditation method

I will readily admit that I am not a Buddha. I am not Enlightened. I have not immersed myself in sutra and koan. As far as I know, I have not conquered rebirth and reincarnation. So why learn meditation from … Continue reading

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The Secret Significance of Spiders

All my life I have been fascinated by spiders. I am not creeped out by them, even though, they are admittedly creepy. But that is part of the attraction, actually. There is something, an allure perhaps, about that particular member … Continue reading

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Ontology 101: Who is it that knows/feels/senses? or What am I?

I am going to ask you a simple “Yes” or “No” question. I don’t want to you think about the answer, but think the answer that first jumps into your mind. It is more likely to be the truth, than … Continue reading

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Ontology for Beginners: How to Reality Check Your Existence

When I studied with Peter Ralson in the late ’90s, he introduced me to an idea that I had never heard of before: Ontology, the study of Being. He recommended learning and internalizing ontological concepts by developing and using your … Continue reading

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The Three Treasures: mind, heart, body

Here is a semi-rhetorical question: Which energy center in my Being is the most important to focus on developing? The first energy system I ever learned about, was in a book on Kundulini Yoga my Aunt passed on to me, … Continue reading

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The Feng-style 24X Yilu

in two parts. in time, I will get better with making these videos. No wonder some teachers and masters use camera crews.

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The Hong Method, demonstrated

a partial demonstration

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Taoist Canon: Don’t Do Anything You Don’t Have To

The simplest, easiest Taoist advice ever imagined: “Don’t do things you don’t have to do.” Seems easy right? Not that easy apparently, for some. Allow me to share some insights on this ‘Verse I have absorbed during my time here. … Continue reading

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Feng taiiji demo

I never tire of watching Master Feng Tai chi chuan, (taijiquan), was clinically proven to help patients and staff alike, in an experimental pilot program at Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital. Funding was pulled soon after. They continue to offer Zooloft, kidney-killing … Continue reading

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There is still no such thing as a bipolar child, and I can prove it

Dr. Biederman. Retire. At once. Along with Kay Redfield Jamison, and John Grohol. You three have dedicated your lives to harming innocent children and naive or uninformed women. You are not medicine practitioners, you are evil. True evil. True medicine … Continue reading

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