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Crabs in the Bucket, a message for the naysayers

I remember talking to a friend of mine who encouraged me to write a book about my journey from fear, anger, and depression, to happiness after I had a fairly rough start to my life. He said, “That’s a great … Continue reading

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Test yourself

Lock yourself into your bedroom or a bathroom and turn off all the lights. Turn off your cell phone. Look at your self in the mirror. Try not to think of anything. If you think anything at all. Ask, why? … Continue reading

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A Caveat About Training in Meditation

In my second-to-last post, I announced the opening of a private school of meditation based on a new tradition that I created out of thin air. I call it simply, “The Wind Method”. Be that as it may, there are … Continue reading

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New Blog

Just a fun project on the side, I have created a blog called, “Black Cat Photography”. Really, it’s just a place to dump my cellphone images I’ve collected from all over San Francisco and the Bay Area in the past … Continue reading