There is still no such thing as a bipolar child, and I can prove it

Dr. Biederman. Retire. At once. Along with Kay Redfield Jamison, and John Grohol. You three have dedicated your lives to harming innocent children and naive or uninformed women.

You are not medicine practitioners, you are evil. True evil. True medicine and healing works, like having a 2×4 or a bullet removed from a limb in trauma surgery. That. Is good medicine.

Preventative medicine, like doing mindfulness breathing, helps mitigate mental, emotional, and physical problems.

Bellevue Hospital canceled their experimental Tai Chi Chuan program, after discovering clinically, that it worked well for patients and staff, alike.

They continue to use brain neuron hyper electric shock trauma, and industrial chemical-tasting, and smelling chemicals which amount to having a liquid dissolvent solvent, permeate and mutate your precious growing brain, limbic system, internal organs and glands, in what amounts to a gland-damaged, brain-damaged, cns-impaired individual, whom according to various reports, is on their way to losing ten to twenty years off their lives.

So Big Pharma can get richer, and you all can enjoy stock options, free lunches and other perks, paid speaking engagements, time on Oprah or Charlie Rose or get articles published replete with weasel words, like, “Gene #194328375GATTACA may, or may not, possibly, might be, could be, potentially be, responsible for Bipolar Disorder, or Schizophrenia, which of course, as we know from having decoded the Human Genome, is totally genetic and completely incurable.”

Yeah. Right. Please, try to con the public harder with fake science, weasel words, and blowing your entire College Statistics Course which taught you proper methodology for correct statistics, by just making up whatever statistics sound good at the time, right out of the playbook, “How To Lie With Statistics”

Poor Gabriel over at Salted Lithium NEEDED to accept his sentence for lithium-for-life by any cognitive dissociation necessary. When I rattled his confidence in his pro-Lithium lifestyle blogging, he quite literally dug up a study which allegedly proved Lithium has protective effects on the brain, that prevent worsening manic depression.

What utter nonsense.

I was only fourteen when Jamison’s Modern Mengele Medicine hurt me with protective lithium that was anything but protective, but gravely injurious, to me.

Unlike adults these days, I was, as a teenager, utterly unable to bullshit myself that lithium was helping me, no matter how much my eyeballs jiggled like a muppet, my jaw vibrated, and my toes curled every single time I needed to pee.


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