The Nature of My Meditation Instruction

I will teach meditation to anyone that desire instruction.

However, I promise you that this training will not be easy.

If you are looking for an easy ride and to feel a little better or more relaxed, find another teacher.

What I teach is for serious players only. You come to me because you are absolutely dead serious about learning to do what I talked about in my book, which is hard work, to put it plainly.

Take a good look at your favorite meditation teachers. There is a good chance their eyes do not look like mine. And for good reason. Take a good look at scowl lines or frown lines in the eyes and foreheads of your favorite teachers and ask yourself, why, if they are masters of meditation, are they so serious or stern looking.

The answer is, they stopped practicing before they got to the point where all tension drops out of the muscles in your face.

I made my meditation system up, quite frankly, out of thin air.

We would start with water. You would learn to dissolve.

Then we move to fire. You would learn to excite.

Then we move to air. You will learn to turn your entire chi-field into a living Ba Gua spiral that spins and twists from your core channels, out into the air and space around you.

Sound like fun?

It is mentally exhausting is what it is, and my guess is, most people just don’t have the time.


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