My book about spiritual recovery

You know how sometimes you are telling somebody about your life and they tell you earnestly, “You should write a book. I’d buy it.”? Well, that’s happened to me a lot since my twenties and I finally wrote a book and I am pleased to announce the official release and publication of Possessing Me: A Memoir of Healing

The book is the story of my life—from age six, to age twenty six. It chronicles my struggle and seventeen year battle with mental illness and my eventual spiritual healing.

Fair warning, it’s not easy or light reading. Mental illness caused me a lot of problems as a young adult, including homelessness and joblessness and drug dependency. The issues I discuss range from repeated trauma and abuse at home, to being violated and dehumanized when I tried to get help and treatment for my problems, as well as suicide attempts and a near-death experience I had during my last OD back in ’95.

How I recovered from all that confusion and suffering might be of interest to some of you. Namely, that in ’96 I started studying chi/nei gung, nei jia and Water Method meditation from lineage holder and Taoist master Bruce Frantzis. In my early twenties I diligently practiced the material he teaches, in solitude mostly.

During that time, I resolved pretty much everything that was bothering me at a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. Five years later, I had a wonderful meditation experience which opened my heart and infused me with something I had been missing all my life: self-love, and I have been free of sadness and spiritual pain ever since.

This is my story of how I cured myself of suicidal depression, the mania of bipolar disorder, the voices and delusions of schizophrenia, and the triggers, flashbacks and nightmares of post traumatic stress disorder. My book is now on sale at You can find out more information and the status of future events by checking out my website,

As an aside, I don’t know if there is going to be a book tour. I did not get a juicy book advance from Big Publishing in order to promote my book. I created my own publishing company: Wise Boar Media, to distribute this and future works, so all my promotional efforts are being done on something of a budget.

Possessing Me: A Memoir of Healing

by Jane Alexander

369 pages

Wise Boar Media

ISBN13: 978-0983070900

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Ms. Alexander. author, activist, artist
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2 Responses to My book about spiritual recovery

  1. markps2 says:

    Jane you gave me a copy of your book with the hope I would review it.
    As I read it, I did become mentally unbalanced, maybe it was the approaching winter and stress of upcoming Xmas, who knows the exact cause. Luckily I did remember the past times of your youtube videos, so this fact of the past ended my too colorful imagination.

    I wrote a review, then re-wrote it several times. I never liked my review.
    I wrote with comparisons to my own life, and my own life is still badly damaged.

    Short and sweet review, I Markps2, do recommend buying the book.

    • Jane says:

      Hi Mark. I am sorry to hear of your rough spot and I certainly hope that you are in a better place now. I hope you did not stress over the review unduly. I very much appreciate your thoughts about the book though. Thanks for swinging by.

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